Portugal Fresh

A PORTUGAL FRESH – the Association for the Promotion of Fruits, Vegetables and Flowers from Portugal – was founded on December 2010. It was created because the companies of this sector were aware of the necessity/opportunity of boosting the Portuguese products enormous potential. The Association is also directed to reconstruct the traditional approach of the promotion of the quality and unicity of the Portuguese products. The idea is to gather the companies of the area towards a common objective: enriching the “made in Portugal” idea, facing the positive characteristics of our products.  

Promoting the fruits, vegetables and flowers of Portugal is the main objective of the association, not only inside the country, but also in an international perspective. Portugal Fresh’s motivation is based on conquering relevance to the horticultural sector, proactively working in order to promote exportations and improve the fruits and vegetables consumption, especially near the younger ones.

Portuguese product’s freshness, tastiness and authenticity are now materialized in a concept that aims to represent Portugal in valorisation and cooperation perspectives, both thought to position this sector as one of the most important ones the Portuguese economy.

The association’s ambition is to state itself as the Portugal “Umbrella Brand”, getting a more and more important role in the international context and making our members grow.