Competitive Advantages

  • Making part of a national motion which organizes itself towards a higher competitiveness;
  • Benefiting from an organizational model that permits a concerted evolvement of the diverse agents of the sector such as companies, associative organizations, public organisms;
  • The opportunity of cooperating for the organization and cohesion of the sector;
  • Getting profits from the strategy of concertation and cooperation;
  • Access to shared information mechanisms;
  • Permanent update of national and international markets;
  • Easier prospection in new markets
  • Increase of the negotiation capacity of the national production
  • Fomenting partnerships with the diverse market operators, both national and international;
  • Benefiting from the promotion of national fruits and vegetables;
  • Stablishing synergic relationships with other sectors (oil, wines, and industry for example);
  • Valorising the different links of the value chain of national fruits, vegetables and flowers.
To be a PORTUGAL FRESH partner please download, fill and send the following inscription file.
Inscription File